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I/WE agree to participate in the 2012 Good in the Hood (GITH) Parade. In consideration for being accepted as a participant, we irrevocably grant the Good in the Hood Planning Committee the exclusive right to use in any media our name, likeness, photos or reproduction of our performance for any purpose including promotion, advertising or otherwise. With these rights, we also release the Good in the Hood Planning Committee and its sponsors from any claim, liabilities and/or damages which may now or in the future arise by reason of such use. Furthermore, we acknowledge that we are aware of the risks associated with participation in the GITH Parade and, therefore do hereby release the GITH Committee, its agents and sponsors from any and all claims, liabilities and/or damages on account of any personal injury or property damage which may occur from any cause before, during or after the GITH Parade.


After submitting your application online, send your payment, along with a copy of your confirmation page to:

Good in the Hood Music & Food Festival
Attn:  Food Vendor Coordinator
4815 NE 7th Avenue
Portland, Oregon 97211

Make check or money order payable to NECN

Please Note: All information must be accurate and legible.  Approved vendors will be notified in writing or by email within 10 days upon receipt of application.  Space will be assigned on a first – approved and first-paid basis.   The Good in the Hood reserves the right to decline food vendor applications or adjust booth assignments based upon application guidelines, food vendor history, product equality, repetition, space availability & site layout considerations, booth appearance and other pertinent factors as determined solely by the Good in the Hood Planning Team.  Applications without the appropriate fee, copy of temporary or restaurant license, and proof of insurance will not be processed.

We reserve the right to limit items sold based on duplication of products.  Approved items will be listed on your acceptance notification.

We will market to over 30,000 residents living within the NECN target area, and the Portland Metro Area, to include Vancouver, Washington.  We ask that all vendors help to get the word out through their marketing venues. Flyers and posters will be available for distribution after May 10, 2012 and can be obtained through your GITH representative.